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why do white boys think it’s a compliment when they meet me and tell me “oh i love asian women”

i don’t meet them and tell them i love pasty ass motherfuckers who colonized and managed to supremely fuck up almost every country in the world

Why do you only ever…

blur asked: So no consideration for individual people as being decent human beings because they're white males? I'm white, I'm male, I'm not perfect, but I don't even slightly fall under any of your "white boy" stereotypes. Point is, you should follow the footsteps of many other accepting human beings and treat people as individuals instead of categorising them by their race/gender/skin colour/etc. The world is a fucked up place, I agree, but your "fuck you listen to me" attitude won't make it any better.




i have literally never seen you give a single shit about racism or current events aside from this one time you got upset because someone came after your demographic 

  1. I’ve given a shit about racism many times. We barely talk, so what you’re really saying is you’ve never seen me blog about it. Generic RuneScape Blog, not Generic Social Justice Blog.


  2. Upset ≠ Offended. I’m not even slightly upset, I’m simply offended, Mary. Never do you go after the person, or the attitude. You don’t try and say there are issues with society, instead you say there are issues with all people from a certain demographic.
  3. You are so ridiculously closed-minded and high on your own drama, that you will never learn another thing from anyone. You’re always right. There’s never a flaw in your opinion. Everybody else must be wrong in some way. No room for adaptation.
  4. "Someone came after your demographic". I’m sick and tired of being bombarded with stereotypes every time I refresh my dash. At first, it was funny. I have no problems with a joke or two that’s against my demographic. I won’t even be slightly offended, but it’s become clear to me that it’s much more than that from you. It’s been going on for months, not just from you, but from people who I used to respect. I’ve had enough, and I’m finally saying something. Why anyone would want to be friends with you when you continuously make directly offensive posts about their demographic is beyond me.

I’m a person who has always genuinely cared for people and treated them with equal respect, regardless of race/gender/etc. I’m not going to tolerate anyone who is willing to make many wide accusations on entire groups of people based on skin colour as if they’re all equivalent to the lowest scum society has to offer. Instead, I’m going to take your advice, and remove more toxic people from my life, starting with you. I’ve seen nothing come from your blog that actually supports a world free from toxicity. You just stir the pot. That’s all you are, a pot stirrer.

You’ll find that most people, regardless of skin colour, gender, social background, etc, hate the same flaws with society that you do, Mary. I really hope you realise that one day.


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we might be hollow, but we’re brave.

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